EMENDY Brand Evolution

It all started in 2001 with a dream in a small apartment situated in Hatfield, South Africa. 

At only 26 yrs Martin Willemse, founder of EMENDY Multimedia Institute, moved to Hatfield with the hope of breaking into the music industry as a musician. He turned his flat into a recording studio using makeshift items to record his first track with his friend. 

Martin together with his friend, Dirk, upskilled themselves through courses and made money from recording artists. One of these tracks was a hit and received the number 5 spot on Impact Radio.  

They started to make a name for themselves and with all the expansion and students the apartment became too small, and it was time to move. EMENDY Sound and Music Technologies was born, offering a 6-month Digital Music Production course –  the first of its kind in South Africa. 

They built up the entire college themselves, from cable connections to speakers, tables and billboards. They extended the 6 months course to a 12 months year course and later created a second year Digital Music production course.

Later, a DJ course was launched under a company called Tunes Incorporated. The college expanded with more studios and a music shop called Flipside Records, this was later rebranded to Orange Music.

In 2005, Martin had finally completed the renovations to their current space when they received a final notice to move out.  Remaining positive, he began to look for the new home for EMENDY.  During this time Tunes Incorporated and EMENDY’s paths separated. 

Not long after, Martin fell in love with a house perfect for his continued venture of building a leading multimedia college in South Africa. For the next two years, he laid the foundation in that house for the place multimedia enthusiasts call home today.

In the years 2007 to 2010, EMENDY welcomed new studios and more students. The building continued to morph into the beautiful building we have today.

Martin has always had a dream to have integrated computers for students and during the years 2011 and 2015 the team set up Mac Computers in all classrooms and for all staff members. In 2011 and 2013 the company rebranded their logos.

As the need for multimedia education grew from 2016 to 2019, so did the EMENDY brand, from collaboration with industry professionals to attending multimedia expos and hosting webinars.

EMENDY’s 20 -Year Anniversary motivated the search to find new opportunities to continue helping thousands of students to study towards a career that they are passionate about. The college introduced virtual campus tours, a hybrid teaching approach, and more. The brand was renamed to EMENDY Multimedia Institute with a new brand identity and includes Game Design and Development courses in the college offering. 

The college introduced virtual campus tours, a hybrid teaching approach. We are excited to see what the next chapters for EMENDY include and thank our visionary Martin Willemse for 20 great years!